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Deaddyz CLASH of the DEAD™ is the next step forward, featuring a full 3D environment and new, never before seen characters. The Creepy Cute
graphics are a nod to a Tim Burtonesque feel, full of satire and questionable jokes.

Build your Graveyard with resource collectors and defenses; Attack other player’s graveyards, and engage in a whole new Horde on Horde battle system. The gameplay features a 3D top-down MMO city builder, with an “It Follows” button which puts the camera right behind one of the graveyard caretakers as he walks around, immersing YOU as the player, right smack-dab at eye level INSIDE your graveyard.

We got Deaddy Stickers !!!

Check out all the Deaddyz in their own creepy-cute cartoon sticker.

What's a Deaddy?
How it all began
What's a Horde?

Deaddyz CLASH of the DEAD ™

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Round 2

We need YOUR help

The official launch of Deaddyz CLASH of the DEAD™ Kickstarter Coming Soon!

All funding will go towards investing into more assets, resources, advertisements, and fun for the players.

However, the most important thing is your support!

The Kickstarter will be introduced soon, and with that loads of exciting perks; one being access to our Beta Test.

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