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aLonE MonSter


Through many accomplished years of UI / UX design for countless apps, aLonE MonSter was born. We started out crawling at an agonizing pace, but fast-forward 2 years later, and we’ve now worked our way up to a decent jog with the 3D modeling thing (and getting faster by the hour). The vision has finally become reality, and we are PROUD to now be developing games and apps under the aLonE MonSter brand.


We are here to bring you new and exciting games for both tablets and smartphones, using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Our mission is to create and design innovative and visually stunning games, and to write as many run on sentences as we please, while cracking questionable jokes.

aLonE MonSter has been sharpening its teeth for the past couple of years, in preparation of launching its biggest app yet, Deaddyz CLASH of the DEAD ™ - Coming to get you October 2016! Visit our website or Social Media pages for regular updates!

Lonnie Smith

The Alpha Monster

After years of creating countless apps for other companies, a monster was born. Waiting patiently under the surface, the Alpha Monster was finally set free to unleash its designs and ideas with no limitations - true creative freedom.

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